Thursday, April 2, 2009


Tuesday night we got the happy news! Danielle will be starring as Wendy in the upcoming production of Peter Pan! This will be her sixth show and first lead role! We simply could not be more proud of her!

Auditions were held on March 21st and she received a March 28th call back for Wendy along with seven other girls! Call backs were nerve-racking, but she was happy with her performance. On Sunday, March 29th we went to Disneyland... and Miss Danielle dressed very Wendyesk for the day.

So, Michael decides he wants to go on the Storybook Ride... It went down something like this:

Danielle: I wonder which boat we'll get?

Brian: It looks like Alice.

Me: Wouldn't that have been funny if we got the Wendy boat?

My Mom: If we got Wendy that would be an omen.

Park Worker: Alice isn't your boat, you'll be getting the next one... It looks like Wendy.

WTH!?! We friggin' got the Wendy boat! Dani & I were totally dying! And two days later it was announced! Friggin' amazing!


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Laurie said...

Congrats Dani girl! We are all so very excited for you and can't wait to see you rock the room!!!!!!!!!!!!!