Friday, April 30, 2010

SiS ~ Day 3

FAIL! Didn’t workout yesterday & didn’t post… Double Fail. How pathetic when you can’t even make it through day three. Why is it whenever you make a firm and conscience effort to stick to a workout, influenza decides to knock you on your ass!!??!! “Sit down you fat bitch! Get your buddies Ben & Jerry, put in a movie you’ve seen a bazillion times, and plop that dimpled butt on the couch!” People say you get sick when you start working out because your body is releasing toxins. Whatev. I think it’s a sign… an omen… I’ll have to consult my spiritual advisor & tarot card reader, but I’m pretty sure they’ll both come to the same conclusion… The all powerful Chunky Monkey is calling and you must follow. Alright… well that’s about enough. I’m going to go and invest in a fairly sizable bottle of Day Quil and push through this day.


Brianna said...

Slim in sixxxxxxteen years is the video I got. ha

Lesley said...

At this rate I think that'll be the sum of it!