Monday, April 26, 2010

Slim in Six

Well that’s what the program is called anyway. (Though the title doesn’t clearly define “six”). Six hours? So if I do this workout for six hours X times per week I should be fairly slim in a decent amount of time, right? I could certainly maintain six minutes per day. Or if I do this workout six times per week I’ll be slim in (blank)… Again, no clear definition happening there. I’ve been told the “six” represents weeks. Slim in Six weeks… but I don’t know how many times per week or the duration of each exercise. Guess I’ll just have to suck it up and pop in the DVD to find out.

It was my intention to start the Slim in Six program yesterday… Best Intensions, right? But the beauty of the day and the warmth of the sun beckoned me and I opted to bask in all its majesty with a shiny layer of dark tanning oil. Oh yes, it was that good. So the Slim in Six will just have to wait until Tuesday. Why not today? Because my ass was just handed to me by my 5’ nothing trainer! Just lifting my arms to type is a massive chore at present.

Slim, as defined by, states: 1. slender, as in girth or form
Of course it also reads: 2. poor or inferior: As in ~ There is a slim chance she’ll actually stick with and finish this program.

Objective: Execute Slim in Six program; Successfully complete six full weeks; Blog daily.

Let’s do this.

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