Monday, March 9, 2009

Bliss Thy Name Is Margarita!

Friday night we all went to dinner at the home of long time friends, Beth & Steve Miles. Dinner was delicious, but I must confess that my focus was solely on the margaritas! It occurred to me early last week that I had not had a drop of alcohol since February 15th! Oh the horror! How was I even still functioning!?! So we invaded in force, (all five Weden's plus one girlfriend), got on with the customary "hello-hugs" and then I proceeded to tackle Beth in the kitchen for a much deserved long awaited frosty margarita! I'm pretty sure she could have made the delicious beverage out of lawn clippings and it still would have been pure heaven on earth! (Fortunately, I was spared the lawn clippings as they have a very fruitful lemon tree with which the margaritas were blended).

A big MUCHAS GRACIAS to Beth & Steve for a lovely evening! What are you doing THIS Friday?

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