Monday, March 16, 2009

Wisteria Festival!

Sunday we took the kids to the Wisteria Festival! They had been cooped up in the house all of Saturday and into early Sunday afternoon! It was time to release some pent-up energy! So, we joined forces with Mick & Mel, Naomi & Nate and decended upon the festival. Nate & Nomi went in for some tattoos...

Suck it up Nate!

Boys are such babies... It tickles!

The Daring Dragon Duo!

All the kids chose a Balloon Buddy....

And had lots of fun in the park!

I couldn't help but wonder what this little snipper was aiming at:

As if the pants weren't enough of a target! Let's give young Davy Crocket up there a bullseye! Honestly! Where would you even find pants like this!?! And then what was the thought process on wearing them in public!?!


People are so absurd! What a fun day we had! :)


Travis said...

I know I had a good time...and I am SOOOOOO buying you a pair of those pants!!

Laurie said...
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Laurie said...

HAHAHAHAHA people wear the worst shit in public, what the hell is up with those pants!!!!
Maybe she thought by drawing attention to her ankles it would show that her butt wasn't the size of a horse...oops I mean purple horse! :)