Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Beauty in Diversity

So, for years we’ve heard about Bats Day in the Fun Park. Bats Day takes place every year when dark alternative subcultures descend upon Disneyland in gothic fashion and bat ear hats, (as opposed to mouse ear hats). In addition to the thousands that visit Disneyland Park every day, Bats Day fills the park with Death Rockers, Horror Punk, Rockabilly, Psycho Billy, Black Metal, & Hearse Societies… It makes for a truly awesome experience in people watching! This year, my family was fortunate enough to be in the Fun Park on Bats Day. (We actually went to meet TinkerBell and her friends in the new Pixie Hallow meet & greet… but what a bonus this was!)
I would find myself uncontrollably staring at some of these people! Not because of a different look that some may find strange, but because of the intricacy and detail on much of the attire that was on “display.” There was one girl, (who was quite large,) with fuchsia hair in two very cute ponytails wearing an extraordinary ensemble! She commented on the very cute little beanie that Michael was wearing and in doing so caught the attention of my daughter, Danielle. Danielle ran up to my side to ask if I had heard the comment and to tell me how pretty she thought the girl was. And she was right! She was a very beautiful girl! And I was so proud of my daughter for recognizing Beauty in Diversity.

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butterflykisses said...

That's my grandaughter! A heart full of light and love. She always sees the inner beauty of everyone. Never a cross moment with this Love you honey....Nana