Friday, November 21, 2008

Flashback Friday

Oh the horror! Now that I’ve entered the blogging community, I was informed by a fellow blogger (Brianna) that I would have to participate in Flashback Friday! On Flashback Friday you typically post some little memory and follow it up with an old photo. An Old Photo!?! Are you kidding me!?! ME!?! But I’m the product of my mother… Old photos, (once the film was actually developed after spending three years or more in a drawer,) were admired briefly, shoved in a box in no particular order, and placed in the top of a closet never to be seen or heard from again! What on earth was I going to come up with for Flashback Friday!?!

And then it hit me. My daughter just had her 5th grade school photo taken last month! Last month, not much of a flashback I would agree… But then the pictures arrived! And suddenly I found myself being hurled back into 1988 and my junior year in high school! The 80’s were an awesome time! The hair, the clothes, the music, the attitude! (If you rocked it, you SO know what I’m talking about!) Though our features are very different… staring at my daughter’s picture I realized I was looking back at myself. And with that, we have a Flashback Friday!


Brianna said...

I guess someone couldn't let go of the hairstyle and had to do their daughters hair the same. haha

And I'm not sure since I was probably still in diapers when this picture of you was taken. (HAHA) but was it cool to mad dog the camera??

Bridget said...

OH My Gosh!!!! If they had an award for a flashback friday this post would win!!!! So Funny! you have such a pretty smile, why mad dog the camera???

Lesley said...

I had a mouth full of metal that would have rivaled a steelyard! I made the horiffic mistake of smiling in my freshman picture with that alloy grate... And swore that would NEVER happen again! (haha)

andie said...

That's Hilarious!!!!