Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Simple Joys

The school my children attend, (in their infinite wisdom,) made the decision to close the entire week of Thanksgiving. CALL OUT THE ARMY! SEND IN THE MARINES! THE CHILDREN ARE ON THE LOOSE IN THE HOUSE!!!!! I think the teachers & faculty secretly meet together in some godforsaken underground lair to come up with these malicious attacks on unsuspecting parents. Unfortunately for them, the Weden family has foiled this heinous assault with the one power that can defeat such unadulterated evil… NANA!!!! TAKE THAT EVIL DOER! (Whack) (BAM) (Biff) (KACHOW) Your foul ways have no power here!

So, Sunday night we packed their bags and shipped them off to the magical world of spoon-fed indulgence! The grandparent’s house. And now comes the good part… oh that’s right, it does get better! In celebration of our glorious defeat we celebrated as a young, loving married couple should . That’s right… we went to Disneyland! (I know, we’re animals!) But what a peaceful night… cool weather, holiday lights, dinner, shopping, and a nice stroll through the park. We even made it back home (to a clean uncluttered house I would like to add) in time to watch my most fav show… Dexter! I can’t wait to discover what joys lay ahead this evening, as the children do not return until Thursday morning! YIPPEE!!!!! Thank you, Nana & Archie!!!

Just Us! No Kids!

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Brianna said...

Johnny will be very disappointed you had to call in the Army too. After your father reads this he might send back the kids. :) Must be nice to be able to spend some time alone kid free.