Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Of all people... it was my loving husband that called me out! And damn quick I might add. Claiming that SHMANCY was not my word at all and that Fancy Schmancy had been in circulation for years.
To this I rubut... TOO TRUE! However, schmancy (as in fancy schmancy) is used as either an insult to high class or as a high brow word for a common item. SHMANCY, on the other hand, is positive and uplifiting... all about the good and shine!

The dictionary is full of similar words with different meanings:
Here / Hear
Heard / Herd
Hair / Hare
(why so many 'H's?)
There / Their
So, now we add schmancy & SHMANCY!

This is my argument and I am standing by it!


Laurie said...

A fool despises good counsel, but a wise man takes it to heart...confucius :)

Lesley said...

This confucius guy sounds SHMANCY!!!

Travis said...

Confucius smoked alot of dope. I would say silly shit like that too if i was HIGH!!