Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

I missed Wordless Wednesday, so I’ve decided to do
Thoughtful Thursday.
This is Grandad & Grandma.

They’ve both been gone for many years now, but I have very fond and very funny memories of these two. I’m pretty sure they were both certifiably insane (undiagnosed), and that was always my favorite part about them! I still recite some of the funny rhymes and poems Grandad would tell us! Or tell stories of Grandma’s menagerie of small toys left behind by her many grandchildren after a visit. She would seize the small trinkets and put them in her display for all to see! Once they were in the exhibit, ownership transferred… so you could just forget about asking for them back! (HAHA) I think it was her way of holding on to each of us when we were away.

This Thoughtful Thursday is dedicated to my paternal Grandparents! I still think of you often and with much love.


Brianna said...

I almost thought that was you and Travis out for your birthday hahaah jk. Cute picture!

Lesley said...

No...It was the morning after.

**Crashley** said...

Aww i didnt know Great Grandpa but i remember Great Grandma...fiery one she was. Guess we know where us Morgan women get it from haha.