Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mystery Fuzz

On Saturday it was my goal to clear the old entertainment center (and all of its contents) away from the wall where it stood to make way for the all new SuperShmancy entertainment center!

First I emptied out our bazillion DVD’s, safely and lovingly removed my beloved dragons, and then threw out the 15+ years of small statues, trinkets, tacky frames, VHS tapes, music tapes, and other miscellaneous shit from the bottom cabinets. Then I quickly went to work on dismantling the shelves and separating the bookcase sections. While I was pulling the second cabinet away from the wall I couldn’t help but notice a sort of green fuzz stuck to the wall. ‘What the hell is that?’ Those cabinets had been in the same position for the last 9 years! So I went to get the flashlight and in doing so had the additional thought… ‘If I were watching a movie this would be about the time that I start yelling at the screen, ‘What the hell are you doing? Why do they always do that stupid shit!?! I would be SO outta there! I wouldn’t go back and look at the fuzz! It’s going to turn into something horrible and kill you! You dumb bitch!

Anyway, against my better judgment and self warnings… I returned to the fuzz with the flashlight. It turns out that applying light to the matter certainly did NOT shed light on the situation. The fuzz was not just green… It was a seafoam green! An 80’s throw-back mint green! WTF!?! Was it actually pulsating?

Once Travis got home we were able to move the cabinet completely away from the wall… and my best guess would be that this strange mint colored fuzz was maybe once a feather of some kind? Perhaps? Hard to say. For in a house where children are present you often find it rather challenging to identify many a substance. So I busted out the warm water and wiped mystery fuzz away. But not before I asked it to ‘Say Cheese!’


Laurie said...

Gosh Les...even with my reading glasses on I have no idea what that is. After looking at my computer screen from 4 different angels and for the last 10 minutes, I'm still befuddled. Cotton candy/mold? Nasty baby!!!! :)
Maybe you should recount all your animals and make sure your not missing anyone! LOL!!!

mish said...

Halloween party guest.

Brianna said...

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you guys I puked at the Halloween party 3 years ago behind your tv. So sorry.

Lesley said...