Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Raiders of the Lost Speaker

The Players:
The Toys
Sub-Woofer (with a hole on the front large enough for a 2-3 year old to stick his whole hand in)

A mischievious combination that when left to its own devices makes way for...
The perfect outlet for toy placement and exploration! Many a toy has been lost to the dark abyss of the Bermuda Sub-Woofer over the last few years. Toys have gone in to explore but have never returned to see the light of day. Once an expedition was sent in to dismantle the aphotic speaker… but the mission was aborted when realized that access to the lost playthings was not possible and the speaker would retain its prizes. Years passed and the small boy had come to accept that he would never again see the small trinkets that once brought so much joy and laughter.

Then, to everyone’s great joy Indiana Dad appeared with a drill in one hand, a screwdriver in the other, and a look of determination that would make the most heinous of all cavernous sub-woofers blow with despair! This was Raiders of the Lost Speaker! With swift action and great dexterity a precision hole was cut and Indiana Dad was able to get the first ever glimpse of the long lost POW’s (Prisoner Of Woofers). One by one he was able to properly execute the safe liberation of all the toys from the clutches of the Bermuda Sub-Woofer. Here is the exclusive footage of the brave rescue:

The first glimpse of the POW's


GREAT work Dad! (But next time could you rescue a lost tomb of gold?)


Brianna said...

hahahaha that is funny.

Travis said...

What are you talking about... to the little one,those toys are as good as gold!!

Stay tuned for the sequel.. "Indiana Dad and the search for the missing Lego piece"

Laurie said...

Too funny!
I love a sequel!!