Monday, February 2, 2009

The 11th Commandment

Last Thursday (1/29) my hubbie took me out to a KINGS hockey game. Date Night! Just the two of us! Yippee!!!! I was really looking forward to the game and my Kings did not disappoint… neither did the fans. The great thing about going to a hockey game is that more often than not you get so much more than just a hockey game. The evening started out with Cheech & Chong sitting directly behind us! (Okay, it wasn’t THEE Cheech & Chong, but it was Cheech & Chong.)
As the game got underway we heard...
Chong: Oh man, those guys weren’t on the ice very long.
Cheech: Yeah man, they only stay out there like a minute.
Chong: And then what?
Cheech: And then the new line comes out and they stay out there for a minute.
Chong: Oh man… pussies.
And so it went on for the better half of the first period.

During the second period they have what’s called the McFlurry minute. If the Kings score a goal in the last minute of the period everyone in attendance receives a coupon for a free McDonalds McFlurry. The crowd generally goes wild during these 60 seconds. One guy in front of us was yelling, “McShoot! McShoot!” It was funny as hell, but unfortunately they did not McScore.

And then we come to the third period, where the 11th Commandment lives and breathes. Dedicated fans are at the edge of their seats hanging in there to the bitter end, following every slide of the puck, harassing the opposing team, chanting for an awesome victory! And then Dewy Dipshit & Posse three rows in front decide to stand up while the puck is in play! Hellooooooo!!!!
So the guy next to us yells out the 11th commandment, “THOU SHALT NOT STAND DURING THE THIRD PERIOD!” Honestly, you’d think these people had never been to the Church of NHL!
All Hail Lord Stanley!!!!

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Travis said...

SOOOOOO Much Fun, lets do it again real soon, K??

I love date nite!!