Monday, February 2, 2009

Mom's Got Pneumonia

On Monday, January 26th my mommy was diagnosed with double pneumonia. This is the kind of nasty stuff that’ll win you a not so luxurious stay in the hospital. Fortunately, she sees a really awesome doctor who wasn’t too keen on sticking her in a cold hospital where she’d be exposed to who knows what other kind of viruses! So my dad became a home nurse and had his first patient. We were fearful for his safety because my mom is a strong, fierce Dutch woman who does NOT like to be down! This man’s life was on the line. My friend Brianna pointed out that my dad was a Marine and could handle it, but I just laughed, for I’m fairly certain that a whole squad of Marines couldn’t take on this woman. Which actually gave me a really excellent idea for combat training! Put ‘em up against a Dutch woman! Then the United States Marines would truly be undefeatable!

Patient Update (Friday, January 30th): Mom went back to see the doc today. She’s doing better but still has to take it easy until her next office visit on 2/12! The doctor told her that he hadn’t seen a case of pneumonia this bad in 6 years! Way to go Mom! How about setting your goals elsewhere in the future.

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Brianna said...

Glad to hear Mom is ok and I'm even more happy to know that your Dad survived. I think he deserves a purple heart.