Monday, February 2, 2009

Michael Earns An Award

Thursday, January 29th ~ This was the last day of the quarter at school and the SOE had the children gather for assembly. Awards would be passed out in recognition of those children that excelled in an academic or social capacity. Danielle, my beautiful little brainiac, would accept the Honor Roll Award and Michael received his very first award for excellence in Bible! WOOHOO!!! Allow me to explain… Every week the children have to memorize a verse from the Bible. This includes the verse, the author, and its numeric location. Michael has successfully completed this task each and every week!
I really should have video taped this, and maybe I still will, but a few weeks ago Michael had the best tongue twister bible verse ever! He has sort of a lisp, it’s not really a lisp but there’s still something there (hard to describe). Anyway, the verse went: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”
It was SO cute to watch him stubble through that one and get all tongue tied because he WAS doing it! “I can do all things” Way to go Mikey!

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