Monday, February 2, 2009


So my little starlet will be performing her first solo in just a few short weeks! And while she doesn’t seem to have a concern in the world, I’m freaking out trying to get costumes done and make items for the candy gram table! Danielle will be playing the part of The Marshall in the production Seussical the Musical! The Marshall (who is a monkey) charges Horton the Elephant with disturbing the peace and loitering… on an egg. HA! But that’s not even close to being it! Danielle will also play the part of a WHO and about six other characters in the ensemble!

This is a picture of her (not quite finished) WHO costume I was working on….

In addition to Danielle’s costume, I will be adding embellishments to at least another 20 - 30 costumes! Which isn’t really all that bad considering the production has a cast of over 70 kids! Imagine! 70 plus kids ages 5 – 18 all backstage! That’s going to be one seriously funky smelling area to be in! Thank GOD my candy gram table is out in the lobby!

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Brianna said...

haha it will smell like SUITE 5!!!!