Monday, December 1, 2008

Copper City Camping

I really think the best way to sum up our holiday weekend camping excursion would be:

The Griswold’s meet the Jackass Team

Could you imagine watching a flick like that? Now imagine living it!

Murphy's Law was in full force! Anything that could have gone wrong with the RV, did go wrong! Take an all American family looking to have a nice weekend adventure in the high desert of sunny California. Add in a borrowed RV that has seen less action than Mother Theresa. Sprinkle in an energetic group of fun loving guys that live to blow shit up in a campfire!


Sometimes I think I can still smell the aroma of smores and burnt hair! And here’s the truly psychotic part of the whole thing… We had a GREAT time!

The days were spent reading, drinking and riding quads (btw… Danielle is a Desert Demon on a quad! The girl was a maniac and was seriously hooked!)

Educating the young Padawans on the ways of the air soft…

That beauty is in the eye of the beerholder...

And how to survive gang attacks…

And the evenings… Well those just took on a life of their own.

As I stood 20 feet or more back from the campfire I eagerly tuned in…

LIVE From Copper City, California… JACKASS!

One bottle rocket after another went into the fire producing bigger and badder explosions than the one before… And then, with a wine bottle full of who knows what kind of fuel concoction…

The star of tonight’s show will cover the bottle with a shovel angled back directly at his face… and ACTION!”
“Dude don’t do that!”
“You have the shovel angled right at you!”
And cut, print, that’s a wrap people! Can we get a medic over here?
(And yes that really did happen. I'll do my best to get the video... stay tuned.)

Good times… good times...
Yes, you have to love the peace of the high desert on a family holiday weekend.


Brianna said...

Your probably not wearing a helmet so you wouldn't mess up your hair. ha

Laurie said...

Oh the joys of camping...don't yeah just love it! :)

Travis said...

Soooooo.... when do we go back??