Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Insanity Party of Five!

I pride myself on the fact that I have single-handedly made all of my children certifiably insane. I start the process when they’re infants and expand upon it more & more each year. And although the process with my husband has started much later in his life… I’m very pleased to say that he is making the transition to "The Dark Side" quite nicely, though at times he still tries to resist. INSANITY, PARTY OF FIVE!
So anyway, when one of my own demonstrates his/her insanity… It fills my little black heart with a world of pride and joy!

I asked our oldest, Brian, to send me a Christmas Wish List… This is what I received:

Brian’s X-Mas Wish

There is an explicit set of instructions which must be followed to find the desired board of choice.

2. NOT HERE-->
3. Once the Sector 9 website is open locate the (View by series) in the upper left hand corner underneath the (wheels) link.

4. Once located click the arrow to reveal a drop down menu. If you could not find the (View by series) tab repeat step 3.

5. Towards the bottom of this new drop down menu there is a (Sidewinder Series) option, go ahead and select the (Sidewinder Series) option. If you still can not find the (View by Series) tab, exit the website, turn off your computer, and walk away.

6. Once the (Sidewinders series) option has been clicked, three boards will appear on the screen. These are mystical boards which hold much power but only one is right for me, the other two are traps. If you chose the first board labeled, (Dawn Patrol) Garden gnomes will come steal your shoes. If you choose the second board labeled (Off the Wall 2) Minjas, (Midget Ninjas) will switch out the laundry when you are not looking so your darks will be washed with the whites. Assuming you like your shoes on your feet and your whites’ white, the final board is the correct selection. If you still have not walked away cuz you couldn’t find the (View by Series) tab, you are a horrible listener, and a failure in life. You should go and.... I don’t care what you do your not worth effort.

7. Once you have located the (Sand Wedge) board of amazingness, click.............the board, click the board.... STOP READING THIS AND CLICK THE BOARD!!!!..... If you have already clicked it in the previous step I am sorry for being so stern.

8. A window with statistics and pictures of the board will pop up and from here you can purchase or jot down information to see if you can find the board for a better price on another website.

Thank you and have a nice day :D

YUP! The boy is nuts! My work is done here.

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Brianna said...

hahaha that was funny.