Friday, December 19, 2008

Flashback Friday!

To any of you that have ever had the pleasure of losing your money to me at the game of Texas Hold 'Em.... You are well aware I do not bluff. That being said...
Breakfast is served!


You really just have to go for it!

Here it comes!

Feelin' gooooooood!


And now it's time to get dressed and get this boy ready for school! OH! And the "Flashback" part of this Flashback Friday? Well, those will all belong to Michael! He may even have some FlashForwards! (haha)


Travis said...

You are sick and twisted, and damn it... I LOVE THAT ABOUT U!!!

Brianna said...

You should have done this on a day where school wasn't half day. I think Travis might have him locked in the dog crate before you get home from work now. haha