Tuesday, December 30, 2008


So this is what we’ve been up to this holiday season:

It's a BIG one, so please keep all arms, legs, and small children inside while the post is in motion...

On Sunday, December 21st we joined some long time friends of ours for a delightful champagne brunch on the Queen Mary.

After the brunch we took a mini tour of the ship. Michael was thrilled…

After the tour it was out to the bar and then a little more exploration of the old girl! She has a bit of a saucy side that most don’t know about… but the Queen and I have a history, we have a mutual respect and understanding of how things should be, and I’d like to share this with you...

Yes, there’s nothing like good friends, drinks and a cheeky old ship to bring you out of a holiday funk, and I couldn’t have asked for a better day! Thank you again to Jim, Jean & CAM for bringing the Christmas spirit to this Grinch!

On Monday, December 22nd Travis took the kids down to Nana’s house. This gave me approximately 8 hours over two evenings to get ALL the wrapping, bows, and tags done. Focused and determined I spread out all the wrapping accoutrements across the family room floor; prepared my stack of holiday DVD’s and dove in! To my shock and dismay I found that the 8 hour allotment was not sufficient and on Wednesday morning I was back at it! This time I was up against the housekeeper who was swiftly moving from room to room! I knew I had to be out of there before she descended upon me with mop and duster! With only minutes to spare, I put the last present under the tree, stashed all the paper & bows, and retreated to the sanctity of my bedroom for some brief R & R before Nana returned the children.

12/24/2008 So this brings us to Christmas Eve…

First Santa Travis surprised us with this charming little ball of fluff! This is “Roxie” aka “Poof,” and she is #10 in the Weden menagerie of pets. She is goofy and feisty and has two extra toes, and fits in with our special brand of weirdness just purrrrfectly!

YES Her Nails Are Red! Helloooooo... MY cat!

And then we were ready forTonny's house:

Christmas Eve at Tonny's....

Oma, Mom & Dad are Styling!

Cousins through & through....

Can someone please get King Farouk a palm frawn & some grapes?


And despite some doubts, Santa did make a stop at the Weden house...

And everyone was filled with Christmas Joy!

But It's STILL not over!

So off we traveled to my parents for a delicious Christmas breakfast, and yes... MORE presents!

Danielle is such a helful little elf!

("helful" Freudian slip! Clean up aisle five! Actually... it does fit, I think I'll leave it)

Brian & Jadie

Heff had better watch his back!

And we finally closed our holiday festivities with a trip to Nana & Archie's for dinner & MORE PRESENTS!!!!

When we asked the children if they had a a good Christmas, Michael summed it all up for everyone...

I hope all of you had a magical Christmas... And be sure to have a safe and Happy New Year!
With love,
Travis, Lesley, Brian, Danielle & Michael


Travis said...

Wheew, I am tired all over again just from being reminded of the whirlwind "Weden Family Christmas tour 2008"

Great post baby, you summed up the holiday quite nicely!!

Brianna said...

I felt like I shared the holidays with you even though I didn't even get to see you. Thats bad that your cat has prettier nails that me.

Courtney said...

I love your hair shorter looks super cute! Glad you guys had a great Christmas!

Laurie said...

looks like you guys had a great time!
Lesley how in the hell did you keep the cat still long enough to paint it's nails? WOW!!! :)