Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tis The Season To Bribe Children

Miss Danielle comes home from school yesterday and declares that we NEED to log-on to and vote for her teacher’s daughter, Isabella, who has been entered into The Cutest Baby Contest. She then proceeds to tell me that her teacher announced to the class that the children can earn Mrs. Tate dollars for every vote they get to be used at the classroom store!

So, let me get this straight… Just so Mommy fully understands… Your fifth grade teacher, at the Christian School, is bribing you to vote for her daughter? Well, hell! She’s got my vote! Any woman who manipulates a group of 10-11 year olds for her own personal gain has my utmost respect and admiration!

Actually, little Miss Isabella went through a major surgery this year, and had to have 1/3 of her intestine removed. It was a very emotional, very fearful time for these new parents, but fortunately the danger was caught in time, the surgery went extremely well and Izzy recovered beautifully!

So, whatever your reason to vote:

~ Help Danielle earn her bribe (this one works for me)
~ Heart felt story that deserves some Christmas cheer
~ Or just simply because she is a cute baby

Be sure to log-on and vote today for Isabella Tate!

1.) Go to
2.) Type in keyword “baby
3.) Scroll down the page to the green box, click on the VOTE button underneath the “View Gr-Iz” box
4.) Mark the circle for #32 – that is her contestant number
5.) Enter your email address and click vote
6.) Validate the vote by opening up your email and clicking on the link provided

(To view her picture, go through steps 1-3 but instead of clicking the vote button select the “View Gr – Iz” button and scroll through the pictures… she is #32.)

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Brianna said...

I guess I'll vote even though I know my son is the cutest baby. haha jk. That list to vote is almost as long as Brian's Christmas list.