Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Work It!

Okay, I’ve joined a workout center. (sigh) I really tried to resist it as long as possible… waiting in anticipation for the cellulite & flab fairy to make a magical appearance and whisk away my extra inches off to the portly world of the slenderly challenged. But the bitch never showed and now the word is (for normal humans and not those alien Fembots that can pop out five or more kids and still look like a million bucks) that if you want the same body that you had in your 20’s… you have to work for it! WTF!?! And what’s worse is that pizza somehow does NOT fit into the equation! Whatever.

So, off I went to face the cold white steel of the hydraulic body crushers. “Push, pull, squeeze, lift! Don’t forget to breathe.” (There seems to be a fine line between working out and giving birth!) “How are we feeling ladies?” Oh, well… I, for one, am “feeling” like I want to stick your head in the hydraulic abdominal crusher and push, pull, squeeze and lift. So, maybe you’d like to check with the other girls first. And if torture by mechanism is not bad enough, the debilitating butt spasm I had yesterday morning in my left cheek really should have been enough to send me over the edge!

I wonder how my second workout will go.

I think they may actually have this one there...

Push It Krispy Kreme! No Pain No Gain!


Brianna said...

I don't see how posting pictures of me working out is funny. Humiliating me to get a laugh out of your other friends is not only rude but it hurts my feelings. At least that picture of me was before I had Aven and I was a little bit smaller.

Cindy said...

Hey I say just make an appointment and go see Dr Haddad and he can fix it LOL.....just a mere few thousand and you'll be right back iinto that 20 year old body again....though I guess I would have to try for the 17 or 19 yr old bod seeing how Ashley wrecked it for me at 19 (hahahaha)